For Photographers | Custom USB Flash Drives


We are so excited to announce our latest offering for our wedding couples- custom printed flash drives from USB Memory Direct! These are perfect for keeping all of your wedding images in one convenient location long after your wedding day.

Our friends over at USB Memory Direct helped us custom design these specialty USB flash drives just for our couples! We love the beautiful logo on the front of each flash drive as well as the fun features that make these flash drives unique. The cap is magnetic, so it’s easy to securely open and close the flash drive. The flash drive lights up when you plug it into your computer, so you know when it is connected.

We are so in love with these high quality USB flash drives, and I still can’t get over how perfectly the wooden design matches our overall brand aesthetic.

Starting in 2021, our “Complete Collection” includes a flash drive with all of your wedding memories. Want one of your own? You are always welcome to order one from us anytime after your wedding day, and we will ship it to you directly!

Enjoy these images of our new custom printed flash drives from USB Memory Direct!

Kati + Alex



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